Rebecca Davey Art
Finding the best place to paint a large artwork.
Lobster commission artwork

Living by the North Cornwall Coastline my artworks are inspired by the colours that surround me.

I have always loved to paint, draw, illustrate from a really young age. I studied art at school and college but most of what I have done and continue to do, is self taught, making for an exciting journey. Having spent the last 40 years living in Devon and Cornwall I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by wonderful countryside, coastlines, friends and family.

The last 22 years I have lived in Cornwall with my husband Paul, and our four sons.

There is something about the coastline that is totally captivating. The changing colours, the sky, the sea, the sunsets, the storms. The iconic weathered coastline trees, facing the weathers together or alone, each day brings a new inspiration. The beauty of my unique artworks is using the colours around me to produce mesmerizing fish swirls and fish waves.

Walking, taking photos, breathing the air in and losing myself in stunning scenery is the start to a new original artwork or commission piece. My art emerges from the blank canvas, the detail, the movement and the colours.

My photos and some of my artworks below.

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