Coastal home accessories

Welcome to my beautiful collection of home accessories. Each item has been digitally printed with my original artworks. Selections of cushions, jugs, mugs, bathroom sets, glass worktop savers, mug gift sets and individually painted wood art.

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Glass worktop savers collection

Bees & Sea worktop saver
Blue & Green Fishswirl worktop saver
Grey Mullet Worktop Saver
Mussels Worktop saver
Summer fishwave worktop saver
Mackerel Worktop saver
Teal Fishswirl Worktop Saver
Lobster worktop saver
Seabass Worktop saver

My beautiful worktop savers come in two sizes, Medium and Large. The medium Measures 28.5cm x 20cm and the Large measures 39.5cm x 28.5cm. Made with toughened glass they are a beautiful addition to your home and with the clear glass they provide an elegant and simple original artwork design. The medium size is also perfect to protect a windowsill area or the large size for a surface in a bathroom too.

  • Medium £18 each
  • Large £28 each

Mugs & Coasters

Red fish mug & Coaster gift set
Triple seagulls and waves image mug
Set of 4 coasters Fish Swirl artworks in wooden box with lid
Single Winter Fish wave coaster
Set of 4 fish swirls/waves coasters in cardboard presentation box
Storm mug & Coaster gift set
Summer Fish wave mug gift set
Set of 4 coasters Mackerel & Mussels artwork in wooden box with lid
Single Blue & Green fish swirl coaster
Set of 6 artwork design coasters

Winter wave mug & Coaster gift set
Mackerel mug
Mussels Mug
Single Teal fish wave coaster
Single grey & white fish swirl coaster

My artworks have been used to produce these beautiful mugs coasters and combined with 2 Cornish Brew Teabags, they make a special gift set sent with love from Cornwall or mugs and coasters for your home.

  • Mug & Teabags £12
  • Mug, coaster & Teabags £16
  • Single Coaster £3.65
  • Set of 4 Coasters in a wooden box with lid £22.50
  • Set of 4 Coasters in a cardboard presentation box £20
  • Set of 6 Coasters stack bound with string £28


Lobster Jug
Trio Mackerel Jug
Single Mackerel Jug

These beautiful 300ml ceramic jugs stand 10cm height, 6cm diameter top, 7cm diameter base. Ideal for use at home, in a cafe or in a restaurant, they are both dishwasher and microwave safe, whilst also being fade and scratch resistant.They are also a really versatile item perfect for storing pens on a desk, paintbrushes in an art studio or mascara/makeup items.

  • Each jug £11


Seagull & waves Cushion
Two seagulls & waves Cushion
Blue & orange fish swirl Cushion
Seabass Cushion
Blue & Green fish swirl Cushion
Mackerel Cushion

These beautiful cushions measure 15″x 15″ (45cm x 45cm), cotton canvas material printed with my artworks and are a great addition to the soft furnishings in your home.

  • Cushions £22 each

Re-claimed Wood artworks

Mussels on wood
Seagulls & waves on wood
Weathered Trees on Wood
Mackerel on wood
Fish & Waves on wood
Bude Storm Tower on wood
2 Mackerel on wood
Red & Grey Fish wave on wood
Barrel Rock, Bude on wood
Beautiful Table centre pieces

Each of my re-claimed Wood Artworks are unique and painted to order. Some of the above are commissions but I can paint any of my artworks onto the pieces of wood. It is an exciting texture to paint on and these wood arts are so versatile being suitable for wall hangings, free standing artworks or they make beautiful table centre pieces. The artwork area of the wood is finished in a clear varnish and is perfect for standing candles in holders, plants etc. Wood pieces come in approximate sizes and all 1 1/2″ depth:

  • 10″ length £35
  • 12-13″ length £55
  • 16″ length £75

Bathroom Sets

Starfish Bathroom set
Seahorse Bathroom set
Mackerel Bathroom Set