Welcome 2022!

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for your support. Here’s to a happy, safe and healthy new year.

I have just been having a look back at the last few months of 2021 and it was so busy!

Plenty of walks, photographing and painting
Stone painting orders
Canvas print orders
Wood art orders
Canvas art can be ordered in so many sizes to suit you.
I Had a great time at a Christmas market.

Walking and photographing gave me great inspiration for a collection of artworks, looking at the coastal paths to the end of summer colours.

Whether on stone or canvas!

One of my favourite artworks was my ‘Autumn fish swirl…

‘Autumn Fish Swirl’

This artwork was finished off with copper/gold leaf fish detail which catches the sunlight or lighting in your home.

With Christmas approaching I put together a collection of limited ‘snowy’ prints depicting my artworks of ‘The Storm Tower’ in Bude and Cornwall’s ‘Snowy weathered Trees’.

On this large canvas I experimented with a new way to create the fish and the swirl and I think it worked out really well! Instead of painting individual fish I used the brush strokes of the background to shade around and create fish shapes, swirl and depth.

This is still a work in progress but will be finished ready for my exhibition at Bude Castle Gallery in March 2022.

I was asked to paint an exciting mural piece at the beautiful Roots Lounge Vegan Cafe in Bude. Come in and see the mural, chill and eat in Bude’s most exciting cafe.

The mural was followed by another style experiment and a very happy customer bought a huge canvas print of this artwork to hang in their beautiful home extension.

December was the best end to the year with a large commission order. Following a few emails and zoom sessions with my clients to discuss their commission, I spent most of December creating and painting this large 150cm x 70cm box canvas in beautiful, vibrant swimming mackerel. With silver metallic paint detail it really is an eye catching, stunning artwork.

I have a few projects to start 2022 with. If you are looking for that special gift, commission artwork for your home or prints and canvas prints, then contact me, I so look forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Year

Rebecca x

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